Chris Is The Most Dynamic Character Out Of The Four Boys

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Chris is perhaps the most dynamic character out of the four boys because he is constantly evolving and adapting to the circumstances and the environments around him. He not only evolves on a personal level by confronting his stereotype and thus making a move to combat it. He also matures significantly in his awareness of others and what he provides as support for his friends. As one of the main characters, Chris’s biggest obstacle is confronting the stereotypes that people hold against him. Based on the success of his siblings and father, Chris is assumed to be a tough, no-good, stupid kid. Even his friends have accepted and believe this presumption on a subconscious level. Up until their trip to find the body, Chris had disagreed with these stereotypes but had not made any move to confront them head on. This is the only way that he could truly move past them and prove everyone wrong, because he’s not going to get anywhere if he is categorizing himself into these boxes as well. There are little experiences that lead up to the turning point when Chris really confronts this obstacle, but the main experience is when he confides in Gordie about the lunch money scandal. He not only tells something he has never said before because he feels it wouldn’t make a difference either way; he also lets down his emotional guard which is a sign of maturity for Chris, the groups “tough guy”.
This example shows that he is a dynamic character in an emotional sense and in relation to how he

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