Chris Kershaw's Autograph

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Chris’s Plan
Today was a special day for Chris. A day he will never forget. It was September 29, 2017 and Chris had gotten up early to get ready for the big baseball game at Dodger Stadium. The Los Angeles Dodgers was his favorite Major League Baseball team. The best part about today was that he was going to get, left-handed starting pitcher, Clayton Kershaw’s autograph. Chris had been waiting to get Clayton Kershaw’s autograph forever. He would have a story to tell in the years to come just like Uncle Anthony did. Chris knew that security and money might possibly stop him from getting the autograph. As Chris was getting ready, he thought of a plan to get the special autograph.
Afterward, Chris got to the ballpark. He reviewed his plan in his head. He had brought his own
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He wrote his note, asking for the autograph, and then signed his name on it. Chris taped the note onto his baseball, and waited for Clayton Kershaw to make his first pitch. Chris was very confident about his plan. He was sure that nothing will go wrong. The game started, and Chris’s favorite baseball star pitched. Chris threw the baseball with the note on it to Clayton Kershaw. Then, something went terribly wrong. Instead of Kershaw catching the baseball that Chris threw to him, it had hit him right in the head! The baseball star went unconscious, and the game stopped.
Immediately, everyone started to turn to Chris. They all stared at him with shock and anger. Chris had never felt more embarrassed in his life. He quickly got out of his seat and ran to the bathroom. Chris thought about how he ruined his only chance to get Clayton Kershaw’s autograph. Even worse, he had hurt his favorite baseball star. This had to be the worst trip to the ballpark for Chris. He had no idea what to do, so he cried in the stall of the
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