Chris Kyle And William James

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Chris Kyle and William James are both dedicated warriors that had spent hundreds of hours training for a war in a foreign country overseas. Both individuals enjoyed their work during training and craved to fight for their country, however they became addicted to the dangerous and exhilarating thrills of battle. Kyle had written about his journey from high school to becoming a Navy Seal in American Sniper using oxymorons, symbolism and emotional language from the perspective of himself, as well as his wife. Kathryn Bigelow presented the story of James’ experience in Iraq by implementing stylistic features such as music, cinematography and atmosphere. These texts revealed the life of the protagonist in their perspectives showing their frequent close encounters with death, but continue to return on multiple deployments despite the fear, but for the ecstasy of combat. Kyle and James do not care for politics; James represents the ordinary soldier on the ground conducting an extraordinary job whereas Kyle represents the stereotypical hero conducting a secret job. But, both individuals suffer from the same dangerous addiction where they savour fighting in combat. Chris Kyle dedicated his life to staying fit and continuing his military education so he could fight overseas. “I wanted to fight. I wanted to do what I’d been trained for. American taxpayers had invested considerable dollars in my education as a SEAL. I wanted to defend my country, do my duty, and do my job. I wanted more…
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