Chris Kyle Persuasive Essay

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Go ahead and think of a person who a lot of people look up to and would consider to be a “legend”. Now think of all the people you can think of that you would consider legendary. I would have to bet that all of them have something in common, they were courageous people. Whatever it is they did, it wasn’t from making excuses and being scared. All the people who I can think of did some frickin work and didn’t think twice before they did something really awesome. I am going to prove to you that it takes courage to be successful. One person who I would consider courageous is Chris Kyle. He is the Navy Seal featured in the popular American movie “American Sniper,” he is pretty much a badass and one of the most legendary service members in American history. He has 160 confirmed kills and 255 claimed kills. This is a lot more than other snipers in our military. To say the least he had balls. Without courage Chris would never have joined the Military, and most definitely would never have passed the seal training. Most of all though he would never have pulled the trigger on at least 160 Taliban members. Without courage he would never have been any type of success. Courage is a necessity to succeed on any scale though. You probably won’t become an American legend, but in order to land that awesome job…show more content…
Another person I could think of is Rosa Parks. She was the black woman who would not give up her spot to a white man on a bus. If she had never made the courageous decision to break the corrupt law, then it is quite possible that blacks could still have no rights in today's society do you think that would be right? If you just think about how millions of people in our own country were oppressed and abused by the justice system of this great nation. Now think about how without courage it would still be like that. MLK, Rosa Parks, The Freedom Riders, and many other civil rights leaders would never have made it without
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