Chris Lee Invasion Of The Bodybuilders Summary

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“Invasion of the Bodybuilders” is an article where the author, Chris Lee, discusses the image of the ''Macho mans'' as an ideal for the American people. Throughout his article, he tries to emphasize that bodybuilders are regular people, yet the public sees them as people with super powers. For years, bodybuilders have been role models for Americans of all ages. Furthermore, bodybuilders embodied the image of a muscular superhero who has the strength to do anything, so people started changing their culture and lifestyle, driven by the desire to become more and more like their idols. At the beginning of the article, the author brings to the public attention that the culture of machoism is back and it’s making the “U.S.A. feel good again”. These bodybuilders are often called “gym rats” just because they spend a good amount of their time in the gym, working on sculpting their bodies. The author mentions many actors who went through rigorous training programs to increase their muscular mass for some roles in movies. One of those actors is Jason Momoa, who gained about 30 pounds only to get a part in the movie “Conan the Barbarian.” Another star who endured months of painful training was Chris Evans, who is now globally famous for his role in “Captain America.” Their colleague, Ryan Reynolds also suffered radical transformation just to become the superhero in the movie “Green Lantern.” -1- All of these and many more actors spend hours and hours in the gym to build their body for a role that they need to fit in. But, in reality with bodybuilding they aren’t just trying to become physically fit for the role; they are creating an image of a superhero that can fight anything to defend the people. Basically, with their roles, they are transforming an ordinary person into a unique character, and often that fictitious character can inspire generations. Meanwhile, there are multiple examples of “super dudes” that try to build their careers by selling false illusions to the people. Actors such as Vin Diesel from “Fast and Furious” and Chris Hemsworth from “Thor” ended up building too much muscle and having their biceps compared to ''the size of canned hams''. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were both

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