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I. All Politics Is Local My first topic comes from the “All Politics Is Local” section of Chris Matthews’ book. In politics, anyone who holds a place or is trying to hold a place in the political scene is constantly influencing others, correct? What Matthews means by “all politics is local” is basically if you want to influence someone, do not focus on the big picture. Instead, you should focus on what matters personally to the people you strive to influence. A fine example of this rule is Lawton Chiles. Chiles was a sustained senator from the sunshine state of Florida. He rejected the appeal of well-tailored, dark blue suits that were so well worn in the nations’ capitol. Once, Chiles stated to a staff member, “When I dress like that no…show more content…
What if the shots fired are complete lies? When you do not respond to those attacks, it creates damage, and it is usually more so than you may realize. You can fire back by catching them in a lie, ridiculing their accusations, or use the power of the opposing force to bring them down. Method No.1: Catch Them in a Lie. Utah Senator Frank Moss was accused by his Republican opponent with supporting violent demonstrations by students against the Vietnam War. By running ads in the newspaper displaying the letter he had sent to young demonstrators supporting their cause, but urging them to avoid violence, Moss destroyed his opponent. The headline of the paper read: “Here’s the Famous Letter.” This won the election of 1970. Method No.2: Ridicule. Franklin Roosevelt was running for a fourth term in 1944 against Thomas Dewey. There were claims by the Republicans that Roosevelt had abused office by dispatching a destroyer to retrieve his dog in Alaska. Roosevelt made a few classic remarks at a Washington black-tie dinner. He rose and said, “Republican leaders have not been content with attacks on me or my wife or my sons. No, not content with that, they now include my little dog, Fala. Well, of course, I don’t resent attacks, and my family doesn’t resent attacks, but Fala does resent them. You know, Fala is Scotch, and being a Scottie, as soon as he learned that Republican fiction writers had concocted a story that I had left him behind on the Aleutian
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