Chris McCandless' Search for Ultimate Peace

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When Chris McCandless walked into the wild it sparked many questions as to why he would want to do that. A topic that is being debated is whether or not Chris found peace or a nightmare. Based off what kind of person he was and some possible explanations for his journey, it is prevalent that Chris McCandless did find ultimate peace in his journey and not a nightmare. Chris was seen to many as courageous, and determined. His love for nature gives the opinion that he found ultimate peace in his journey into the wild.
McCandless led what many consider a great life for a student. Matthew Power describes Chris as a “...24-year-old honors graduate, star athlete, and beloved brother and son ... cut all ties with his family, gave his trust fund to charity, and embarked on a two-year odyssey that brought him to Alaska... where he could test the limits of his wits and endurance.” Based off of Power’s quote, McCandless seems like he led the best life that he could have led an almost perfect life. He also gives the impression that McCandless did not have an apparent reason to abandon his life and live in the wild. Peter Christian, an Alaska park ranger, brings another idea into view when he says, “The tragedy is that McCandless more than likely was suffering from mental illness and didn't have to end his life the way he did.” He brings another perspective into the mix because he suggests that Chris actually had a mental disease that caused him to feel drawn to the wild rather than his
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