Chris McCandless is NOT a Hero in the Book, Into the Wild by John Krakauer

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The people who view him as a hero tend to believe that he was determined enough to want to do something. Others view him as an idiot who just wanted attention. Him being unprepared and not knowing much about how to survive in the wild made McCandless an idiot, the dumb jerk. Also causing him to be a poor role model to multiple people causing them to end up in dangerous situations that could be threatening to their lives.
Having the right supplies for hiking or in Chris’s case going out to live in the wild is critical. Chris was lacking in this category. When Chris was found a few weeks later in the woods it was evident that he didn’t have the food supply he needed to survive. Matthew Power from Men's Journal The Magazine, brings up the point that Chris only brought a few things with him, “Setting off with little more than a twenty-two caliber rifle and a ten-pound bag of rice, McCandless hoped to find his true self by renouncing society and living off the land.” Chris later proved that even if you intend to live off the land if you are not used to it and living that way it is going to be extremely hard and may even result in death.
Chris was on a death mission weather he realized it or not. He went into the wild and is now causing people to unintentionally cause self harm to themselves. Peter Christian added, “Some like…
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