Chris Mccaandless Transcendentalism Analysis

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The word transcendental has a few distinctive meanings. The word itself refers to something of a lofty or supernatural existence or meaning, yet when applied to philosophy, it describes something that is beyond the base of human living, but not out of all their grasp. It was this ideal that was the utter core of Chris McCandless’ journey. Throughout his venture in his pursuit of transcendentalism, his life exposes many pillars of transcendental ideals. One of McCandless’ seats in the display of his transcendental pursuit was the ideal of goodness in all humans. It is in Chapter 11 of Into The Wild that Chris McCandless demonstrates this key. McCandless shows his internal goodness as a human by feeding the homeless on Friday nights, despite being invited to go hang out and party. McCandless goes on to show the goodness of humans further by actually taking the time to sit down and talk with the less fortunate people. This action by McCandless draw parallels from the poem “I Hear America Singing” by Walt Whitman. On page 448, in “I Hear America Singing” Whitman conveys the message that everyone is being united and singing a harmonious message. McCandless is trying to unite everyone through kindness. Along with the goodness of humans, Chris McCandless also demonstrates aspects of non-conformity in the novel Into The Wild. In chapter 1 of Into The Wild is where McCandless shows non-conformity. Chris McCandless demonstrates non-conformity by refusing to buy a hunting license,

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