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Raft rough draft

The message I will be conveying is the importance of embracing failure. My role will be myself as I understand myself the best. The audience addressed will be my fellow classmates. In the format of a speech. In Into The Wild American authors define success as the completion of a goal, and failure as a result of arrogance and disillusionment as the harsh reality caused by failure. Chris McCandless succeeds in achieving his goals when surviving in the wild. He shot lots of game porcupines, squirrels and even took down a moose. McCandless had lived off of the food that the wild was providing him with and he had experienced most of what he wanted to experience. “ Positivism, the unsurpassable joy of life aesthetic.
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Spencer flunking him at all. Holden just accepts the fact that he is going to fail his class. That sort of stuff isn’t relevant to him therefore embracing his own opinion and his “failure”.
My second quote takes place towards the middle of the book. Holden has left his school to go out into the real world he gets himself a hotel room in the boonies of the city. He still doesn’t know what time it is. He gets dressed and goes down to the lobby and finds where the club is.
“ I ordered a scotch and soda, and told the guy not to mix it- i said it fast as hell, because if you hem and haw they think you’re under the age of 21 and won’t sell you any intoxicating liquor. I had trouble with him anyway, though. “ I’m sorry sir,” he said “ but do you have some verification of your age? Your driver 's license perhaps? I gave him this very cold stare, like he had just insulted the hell out of me, and asked him, “Do i look like i 'm under 21? “I’m sorry sir but we have our”- “okay okay” i say. I figured the hell with it. “Bring me a coke.” He started to walk away and I called him back. “Can 'tcha stick a little rum in it or something?” I asked him very nicely and all. “ Im very sorry sir….. He beat it on me. I didn 't hold it against him though. They could have lost their jobs selling to minors.
Here in this quote Holden has been rejected for trying to buy some alcohol. Again

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