Chris Stapleton's Music Analysis

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Chris Stapleton released his debut album, Traveller, in the Spring of 2015. This album is characterized by what I would describe as a traditional country feel, but with a slightly more modern sound, or to be more technical, a country rock meets blues album. This record, and Chris Stapleton himself, went relatively unnoticed by the general public after initial release. It was not until the 2015 CMA awards when Stapleton performed “Tennessee Whiskey” with Justin Timberlake that his album truly took off (Welch). Since then, songs from Traveller can frequently be heard on national country radio stations, as well as on tour, a show I will be attending in May. The reason I chose to review Traveller is because “Tennessee Whiskey” sucker punched me in the best way possible. By this I mean that before I heard the song, I had been ignoring most new country music and artists because I had not been connecting with the music like I did in previous years. For the past seven years of my life I have been listening to almost exclusively rock and metal music, music…show more content…
Most of the time, Stapleton is singing with a strong, deep voice and at a slower pace, however he displays his range full force on tracks such as “Might As Well Get Stoned” and “Sometimes I Cry.” On “Might As Well Get Stoned,” Stapleton goes high in a broken manner, which would typically seem like a mistake, however the brokenness of the notes only adds to Stapleton’s emotional delivery of the song. “Sometimes I Cry” is one of the most vocally profound country songs I have ever found. The first time I listened to it, I genuinely got chills as the whole song is such an experience. The vocals of this song are similar to Jackie Wilson’s song “Please Tell Me Why,” as both are weeper style, though Stapleton’s is a more subdued version of it. This song best exemplifies his range on Traveller as it is easy to tell that he puts everything into
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