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Marisol is one of my sibley buddy and she is a very shy and quiet girl. She's excited everyday to learn new things. She loves to read and work on her vocab and she gets better every time I review with her. She spends lots of time with her grandma and she admire her a lot. She loves to color and play with dolls. She also loves to listen to hispanic music with her family. Another thing Marisol loves to do is play outside in the snow and in the summer and her favorite color is pink. My other buddy is Chris, chris is very stubborn but, but very out going. He’s excited to see me everytime I come. I am very glad i never missed a day at sibley because I know it would disappoint him. He’s always excited to play games but is very hard to get him to want to learn. He loves to play with legos and cars. His favorite color is red and he enjoys holidays when he can spend time with his family and eat lots of food. He loves thing that goes his way and doesn’t like it when it goes someone else's way.
Some successes i’ve had with Marisol in her social behavior were her speaking up to me whenever she wanted things to go differently. Also, she
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I also learned that it is very hard to say no to a 1st grader, and they can get overwhelmed when they don’t get things right or things they want. Working with my kids is also very hard because they are both completely different and are at different levels of learning. It’s also hard on Chris because I know he wants to be just as smart as Marisol, but he doesn’t get everything she gets.
This was a great experience I had and would love to do again in the community. I love working with kids and making their day. It’s always a great feeling knowing you helped a kid become better as a student or even as a person. I wished I had done this earlier because I had such a great time with my
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