Christ Has No Body

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I was excited to receive your letter and I am equally thrilled to respond to your request. For thousands of years mankind has conflicted against the power of evil in order to reach a state of harmony with God. The many different views of each religion seem to have compounded the issue of who may be right and who may be wrong. Regardless of our personal beliefs, our goal seems to always remain the same, to be united with Christ in heaven. The poems of St. Teresa of Avila, My Beloved One is Mine and Christ Has No Body, are illustrative of the thoughtful and emotional impact Christ had on the life of St. Teresa of Avila, and also illuminate various catholic beliefs. The goal of the poems is to allow the reader to become closer to God,…show more content…
St. Teresa, during her intense prayers to God, felt such a strong connection to Him that it seems she literally felt His presence next to her. My friend, as you know, for many years we walked and prayed together in Rome. Although we are now far apart, I still have much respect for you and your beliefs. I feel I must make you aware of how I, now a member of the Lutheran faith, view these poems. Like St. Teresa of Avila, I too believe in the power of profound and emotional prayer. I, however, believe that although my faith is deeply rooted in my daily communication with God, my deeds, or acts of good work, do not necessarily carry the same weight. I believe that I am “made righteous by grace through faith alone apart from works” (Kinnaman np). My belief and fidelity toward Him are all that I deem necessary to find a deep and meaningful relationship with God. Furthermore, the catholic belief of transubstantiation during the Holy Eucharist is an aspect of the sacrament that has become foreign to me. As a Lutheran, I hold the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist close to my heart, which is why I must hold on to my belief of the sacramental union, the conviction that the bread and wine do not change into the body and blood of Christ, but
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