Christ Most Beloved Research Paper

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Christ Most Beloved:
To remain Beloved of Christ, is to be faithful and obedient to God the Father.
The Holy Bible says, "All have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. {Romans, 3:-23}
Repentance is the only way that will keep us on track, and set us aligned with the Holy Spirit.
To repent from sin, is a complete change in behaviors that are detrimental to our Salvational Race.
The individuals must have been above the temptation of allowing the will of the flesh, to suppress the will of God in his/her life.
A repentant mind reflects a completely changed in attitude.
John, 8:- 10-11, Jesus said, "Go and sin no more."
In conclusion: The day of reckoning is closer than envisaged.
Today is the day of Salvation, Tomorrow is not guaranteed.
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