Christ 's Redemption Of Humanity

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Christ 's redemption of humanity jepordizise a key theme in Wise Blood. In the book several characters use religion and Christ in the wrong way. Through the book everyone who claims to have the answers to who God is but they forget Christ. I will focus my points to the following. How one must have Christ in their hearts to truly be saved. Similarly I will look at how Christian sometime fail to understand where they can do ministry. The two characters I will focus on are Onnie Jay Holy and Hazel Moats. Another point will be how these two Jay and Hazel are nothing more then street preachers wanting to heard instead of preaching some people can hear. The final point will be how a church must have Christ in order to be a church. Taking an engine out of car you will still have the body of a car much like a church without Christ will be nothing more then a building. In reading this book we are confronted with several “preachers” who claim they have the answer. Onnie Jay Holy try’s to join Hazel and his church without Christ. However Hazel rejects him, so Jay starts preaching at his church the Holy church without Christ which he asking for people to give him money and that God will bless you. Another preacher we have is Asa Hawks who claims to be blind. I’m going to start with Jay Holy and his message in the giving money and getting rewards with God. The main thing he does is telling people if they want to hear the truth they will have to give a little mean he is only
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