Christian And Secularism : Characteristics Of Christianity And Secular Worldview

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Secularism obviously is one of the concepts that derives from human, and contradict with Christian worldview. As people are moving towards modernization, they feel religion as something that tied them from moving freely in this world. This secular mindset has been spread in every aspect in this world including how accounting has been treated in any organizations. It is a fine line drawn between the sacred and secular in accounting and it may be a matter of perception.” (Binte, 2014, p.14). Considering the understanding of accounting practices in Secular worldview and Christian worldview, does the consciousness of both views bring awareness of participation in dishonest work? In accounting, it may be easy to think or feel the believers of secular worldview will fall into unethical work habits because in their world God does not exist. In Secular worldview, there has been many developments and understanding on several issues. Secular Humanist claim to have good intentions in their business practices, does these intentions impose a threat without the influences and teachings of God? Good intentions are not enough when it relates to accounting procedures in daily business operations. Christian leaders are assumed to be more committed to their work because of their belief in God. The question is, as it is with secular humanist belief, will Christians faith and teaching be enough to keep them from engaging in unethical and dishonest accounting practices in a business?
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