Christian Anthropology Forms and Informs Learning at All Saints Catholic Primary School

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This reflection paper discusses how Christian Anthropology forms and informs learning at All Saints Catholic Primary School. According to Treston (2001) Christian anthropology outlines “that in spite of our flawed condition, we are created in God’s likeness and have the capacity to be transformed by God’s gracious love.” Groome (1998) and Treston (2001) also discuss positive anthropology of the person by recognising that we are created in the image of God and that humankind is essentially all good. We are all made to seek out what is right and just, exactly what God would do. As an active member of the All Saints Catholic School community I value and uphold the All Saints vision of “a spirit centred community of learners, inspired by…show more content…
We nurture and assist the growth of each and every child’s Catholic identity with the integration of Religious Education into everyday life; by proclaiming the good news of Jesus in my teachings and expressing to the children that we are Jesus’ hands, feet, voice and heart in everything that we do. The children’s carry out their own faith journeys by leading their learning and building on their individual understandings. At All Saints we value individuality by constantly referring to each individual as a unique creation and a gift of God that is to be cherished and embraced. I do this through appreciating each individual’s efforts in the classroom, each with their own gifts and talents. I recognise and cater for the 100 languages of children, allowing children to represent their understandings in ways that they choose. This is demonstrated in my classroom through displays of work with wire, clay, artist pens, natural materials, documentation of dialogue and written work. The children are encouraged to pave their own learning journeys and strive towards their individual goals. The children are involved with various pastoral care activities across the school community that promote the celebration of God’s creations, the children. By embracing the Reggio Emilia Philosophy our school links the natural environment to learning experiences as reflection, inspiration, awe and remembrance of God’s creation. The children are exposed to and encouraged to be critical

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