Christian Beliefs At The Church Essay

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What are the “gray” areas of life? Or are they even “gray” areas at all? Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “gray areas” as, “an area or situation in which it is difficult to judge what is right and what is wrong.” Today these areas in life include a lot of work events, where there is not set rule for what is going on, or issues like abortion. In a society that is slowly getting away from a set moral code, more and more people are creating their own moral code. With no right or wrong standard set from the beginning; how do we resolve our Gray area issues? For those who are Christians the moral grays are also changing. These include music, movies, sexual orientation, drinking and tattoos. At one point none of these were gray areas, but now they are. I will be focusing on the church I am at and therefore focusing just on the Christian beliefs at the church? We will look at what the Gray areas are today and how they are handling them during their everyday lives. Lowcountry Community Church is a Nondenominational Church in Bluffton, SC. The society itself is varied across the table in age, background, and values. This is where I will be doing my research to find what kind of people go to this church. I used the “every fifth” person method of data collecting and I stationed myself from 7:45AM to 12:30PM outside the church doors. There are three different services that come in as well. From there I took the data and compared it to the first intro questions. My questions were
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