Christian/Biblical Worldview

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September 9, 2012 AJS Everyone has a worldview, whether we know it or not. Worldview is the way a person makes sense of the world, life and reality. For example: I view the glass as half full, but you might view the glass as half empty. We both see the glass but we do not agree on how to view it. Our worldview is formed by our education, family beliefs, the culture we live in, and media we are exposed to. For many of us our surrounding culture influences our worldview and we have never had to think about why we believe what we believe and we wouldn’t be able to defend our beliefs to others. Within the Christian/Biblical worldview, the question of origin is entirely rooted in God. This worldview believes that God created all that…show more content…
The question of Destiny, “Is there life after Death?”, “What happens to me when I die?” We as Christians believe that there are two outcomes to this question. One is eternal life in Christ Jesus (Heaven) (Revelation 21:1-7) while the other is eternal separation from God (Hell). This is totally dependent on our acceptance of Christ as our Lord and Savior (Romans 10:9). I have learned that I am made in the image of God himself and he would not treat someone, speak to others or think about someone in a disrespectful manner. God would do to them what he would want done to him. I need to do the same thing to others as I would want them to do to me. I believe that God has a purpose for everyone and I need to look at the other person as someone God has placed in my path to show His love for them and to tell them about God’s salvation. God wants me to be respectful and to keep my thoughts pure towards others at all times. I have learned this through the Question of Morality/Ethics in my biblical worldview. One of our purposes in life is to take care of the earth and animal life that God has given to us. God created everything not just
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