Christian Church And The Mormon Church

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Although The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon Church) considers itself unequivocally as a Christian church, there are number major differences between traditional or mainstream Christians and the Mormon Church. This research paper primarily focuses on identifying major areas of differences between the mainstream branches of Christianity (Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant - as a group) and the Mormon Church.
Christianity traces its origin to Jerusalem in approximately 33 AD. However many of the laws and practices accepted and practiced by Christians were formally established by the Council of Nicea in 325 AD, and the First Council of Constantinople in 381 AD The Mormon Church traces its origin to the United States or the New World, where it was established in Fayette, New York in 1830.
Christians believe The Lord Jesus Christ is the founder of Christianity. Mormons believe Jesus Christ is the founder of the Christian Church; however, the Christian church fell into a state of apostasy and was reformed with the development of the Mormon Church.
Who are they?
The definition of Christianity is Disciple of Jesus Christ. Therefore, Christians are followers of Christ. Mormons consider themselves either the Latter-day Saints, Saints, or Mormon. The term Mormons refers to members of the LDS Church because of their belief in the Book of Mormon.
The Trinity (1) Christians believe in One G-d in…

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