Christian Circles Today Philippians 4 : I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengtheneth Me

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In many Christian circles today Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.” is often misquoted because many Christians do not bother to look at the context around this verse. Some Christians use this verse as a pep talk to themselves when they cannot see how they can possibly accomplish all that they agreed to do. Or many well-meaning, but miss guided Christians often use this verse to try to “soften” the blow of telling someone they have another Christian duty for them to add to their already hectic and overcrowded schedule. Then if a person who does not have any background would read this verse by itself or hear someone quote it they may take it to mean what they want even if it is out of God’s will they can do because God will give them the strength.
If you stop and read the context around Philippians 4:13 you see that Paul is thanking the Philippians for their concern of his affairs and at the same time telling them that he has learned how to be content when life is bad and he feels defeated and when life is going smoothly. He is not implying he has learned the secret to coercing God into providing him with strength no matter what he wants to accomplish or do. Paul is also showing that while he is glad that the Philippians are concerned about his needs he is not dependent on them but dependent on God who is with him when he is defeated and when his life is going great. He also makes clear that he is not thanking them so that they send
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