Christian Coaching : Helping Others

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For those that are feeling stuck in their lives, coaching has become a way to help people focus on what they need to do. It is no longer enough to settle for where you may end up in life. There are some people that choose to move from their current state of comfort towards something that is more self- fulfilling in nature. By taking effective coaching philosophies and applying them in a God-centered fashion, Collins lays out a plan to help people find their way to God’s vision for their lives. This text serves as an introduction to the discipline of life coaching with a Christian aspect for those who choose to coach others through life and situations with God at the center. This text is not just beneficial for Christians but for…show more content…
The main key point taking from this section is that coaching is a partnership, “it involves the active and collaborating participation of both the coach and the client” (Collins, 2009, p.84). The process of building a partnership includes both the client and coach understanding what coaching is and what it is not.
What is does include is both parties knowing how to listen to what is being said. Collins (2009) makes sure to mention that it is not enough to just listen, but one has to listen attentively meaning informally, actively, and intuitively and also details some barriers to listening that could hinder the coaching process. The acronyms HEAR is used to help the coach understand what he or she should be listening for.
Collins (2009) introduces a four part coaching road map that includes awareness or where we are, vision or where we want to be, obstacles or what gets in the way, and strategy and action or how do we get there, that is centered on Jesus that can help a client stay the course during their journey (Collins, 2009). By following this model, the coach can help the client focus on doing things differently in order to get different results. It is this transformation that Collins (2009) sees as “the ultimate goal of Christian coaching” (Collins, 2009, p.127).
The next three sections focus specifically on the coaching road map and how to assess the client in their progress.
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