Christian College Thought Paper

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Thoughts on a Christian College

Thoughts on a Christian College
In today’s extremely competitive, job-scarce economy, having a college degree is now a steadfast requirement when applying to even entry-level professional jobs. Choosing a college has always been a challenging task for high school seniors, but it is now fraught with stress and anxiety for nearly every adult who seeks to further their education. Questions abound: what school offers the exact program I desire? What school is in the best location, or has the best campus? What school feels ‘right’? Many people turn to a Christian college to fulfill their ‘checklist’ of a perfect college. However, a Christian liberal arts education is often misunderstood or underrated.
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Holmes rightly mentions that, often in the past, anti-intellectualism or “cultural escapism” has erupted within the Church; however, the beauty of a Christian college is that it recognizes (and emphasizes) that all truth is God’s truth, and that “in God’s creation every area of life and learning is related to the wisdom and power of God” (Holmes, 1987). Another benefit of the integration of faith and learning is that, when the ultimate goal is to give glory to God, all aspects of examining and exploring His world become exciting and satisfying. Students are in an atmosphere where even the faculty delights in pursuing an education; learning is, according to Holmes, “an act of love, of worship, of stewardship, [and] a wholehearted response to God” (Holmes, 1987). The integration of faith and learning is vital, unique, and exceptionally executed by Christian colleges. Academic freedom is another theme emphasized in The Idea of a Christian College. Holmes sums up this concept perfectly: "The Christian college must provide an opportunity and the atmosphere for an open discussion of new ideas and significant issues” (Holmes, 1987). As previously stated, a Christian college does not exist to provide a “safe haven” to Christians from the secular world. The truth could not be
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