Christian Counseling : An Effective Way Of Counseling

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Many Christians believe that once they have accepted Christ and developed a relationship with him that their problems will vanish. But that could be further from the truth. According to Crabb (1977) when Christians begin to experience that acceptance and fellowship with the Lord, that is most likely when problems that have been hidden will arise (p. 15). It is for this reason that the need for Christian counseling has become essential to helping people cope with the strife of life. There are steps that can be taken that allows people to have a closer walk with Christ while fixing the problems that arise from daily living. Counseling requires caring and understanding and nothing is a more effective way of counseling than modeling the love of Christ. Some professional counselors feel threatened or dismiss the thought of Christian counseling. But they need to become aware that to face the struggles in particular the ones that are happening in society today, a biblical approach with the Lord considered the true head counselor is the most effective way to help people life this life on earth so that they can someday live life eternally with the Father. Crabb believes that biblical counseling is effective and lays out a guideline as to how Christian counselors should counsel. But the three articles on counseling have opposing and sometimes similar views. Part I: Goal of Christian Counseling According to Crabb (1977) the goal of Christian Counseling is maturity in which
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