Christian Counseling and Secular Psychology

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Theory Critique In our fast passed and ever changing society, personal experiences built up over time and often make life difficult to deal with over time. Everyone has their own prospective on what is important and how they will tackle various problems they face from day to day. It is the responses to our harsh environment and experiences that can often manifest into feelings such as: anxiety, resentment and possibly guilt (Crabb, 1977). It is those that have negative experiences in life that seek out the help of counselors, to better understand and change the root of those problems. Each Christian counselor must carefully research and develop a counseling model which best aligns with their education level and spiritual beliefs.…show more content…
Dr. Hawkins (2014) counseling model takes from several counseling models to include Crabb’s (1977) and McMinn (1996). Hawkins developed his model as a result of his quest to be following the scripture while staying true to revelations of psychological theories. His model concentrates on five concentric circles that lay out the image of self and the outside environment that tends to effect the development of personality. The innermost circle is what Hawkins identifies as the core of a person. It contains the “human spirit, the image of God, sins or the person’s sinful nature, and breath of life” (Hawkins, 2014). For a Christian their inner circle should also contain the Holy Spirit, which becomes a major influence not only in life but in the development of their personality. The next level Hawkins identifies as the soul. This circle contains elements such as the conscious and a person’s feelings and emotions. Moving outward to the next level you will find the physical body and then on to the temporal systems. The temporal systems include friends, family, co-workers, church and government; groups that a person would interact with on a daily basis. The last circle represents supernatural elements of a person’s life, to include: angels, demons, the devil and
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