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Ashley Meadows Essay Question: Response
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Crisis counseling is an aspect of crisis resolution in which emphasis is placed on the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral consequences within a particular crisis. Psychotherapy is a tool that uses a helping process in order to change a person’s feelings as well as patterns of thought and behaviors. This can take place over short, brief periods or long term if determined is necessary. Both utilize concepts in order to help those in need; however, each takes a different approach as seen above (Hoff, 2009). According to Segun, psychotherapy can only be carried out by a trained professional and allows patients to gain
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The female decides, with the help of the crisis team, that she will stay with some friends. The crisis team assists with getting her suitcase, clothing, and any other things that are outside of the room. Once the female is on her way to her friend’s house, the crisis team ensures they set follow-up dates with the female to ensure she gets the help she needs. The research viewed that under the circumstances that the female encountered, crisis counseling strategies needed to be implemented instead of psychotherapy due to this not being just a mental adjustment for the female. The female watched her own mother take her life in her home which devastated her entire life and daily routine. This particular female needed a support team, psychological help, and an everyday plan to move forward with her life (Young, 2008). When considering the range of “dangers” that a full-blown crisis could impact a person, it is important to seek out the similarities and differences between both crisis intervention and psychotherapy to determine the level of assistance a victim needs. When looking at the above example, it was important for a crisis team to understand what would work for the female. While both psychotherapy and crisis counseling work to help people throughout their traumas, there are more differences between the two than similarities. It is important to see that psychotherapy is utilized by certified professionals only; however, crisis counseling

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