Christian Deleon Essay

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In the state of Texas, Christian Deleon wakes up with his music blaring so he can be motivated to go to school for the day. Being 15 years old, and living in the Houston area, he is afraid of one thing: Recapping ninth grade. Being a freshman, Deleon has missed so many days of school for the year, that this statement might become a reality for him. Suffering with a few disorders, such as ADHD and depression, he is having a decent day, utters his mother. When he is having a good day, he sits on the couch and plays more upbeat songs as he quietly listens in the dark, eagerly waiting a little while before he heads to school. On days like these, he attends and actually stays for the whole day. Deleon is one amongst the thousands of kids from the Lone-Star state- “nearly 100,000 during the 2014 fiscal year alone, according to the state Supreme Court” (Gliha) - to actually have to go to court because they have missed ten or more days in the last 6 months. Truancy is considered a criminal offense in Texas, a Class C misdemeanor to be exact, and it can lead up to at least $500 dollars in fines each time a student misses. If a student has fines that are not paid by the time they turn 17, they can also face serious jail time.…show more content…
Southwell talks about being a truant from personal experience when he was in school, and how it’s affected him. He demonstrates how truancy has contrary views, and specifies on what educational needs are to be worked on, such as having learning disorders such as dyslexia, homework help, and needing guidance about at-home situations. The three main causes of truancy according to Southwell are lack of the help that students receive in the environment and at school, fear of being made fun of because they ask for help with work, or being away from school so long with an illness. These causes can also be considered as cries of
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