Christian Dior: A New Look for Haute Couture

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Before becoming a fashion icon, however, he initially was interested in art and architect. In 1928, after graduating college, he opened his own Art Boutique that displayed works from Georges Braque, Pablo Picasso, Jean Cocteau, and Max Jacob. Unfortunately, in 1931, he had to close his boutique after his mom and brother died. Shortly after, he became a design assistant by Paris couturier Robert Piguet and in 1940, after the WWII, he was hired by couturier Lucien Lelong. (Christian Dior) In 1947, he launched his new look and by 1957; Dior’s fashion had global sales of $22 million and net profit of $117, 440. After the war, Dior had almost single-handedly restored the international reputation of Parisian haute couture.(Harvard Business Publishing) On October 23, 1957, the tragedy of a third heart attack, killed Christian Dior at the age of 52 while on vacation in Montecatini, Italy. (Christian Dior) In the case, Christian Dior: A New Look for Haute Couture, it first starts off discussing about the death of Christian Dior on October 1957 and also about how Christian Dior changed the face of couture fashion after the war. Then the case goes on to talk about the birth of high fashion, industry structure, dissemination and exclusivity, the roaring twenties, the Great Depression, couture and the war, the rise of New York, Christian Dior bio, creativity and intellectual…
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