Christian Education and Relevant Distinctives

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Introduction The church is perceived as Christ's body with individual members who come together for a common purpose. God will be happy and to see how ministries expand as his word spreads. Christianity always involves the question of how to get rid of sin. Many people have different views about the nature and origin of Christianity. Theologists hold the opinion that Christianity is not about its philosophy, but how to live or a life to be lived. Research and findings can be helpful to Christian colleges and general colleges which need resurgence and revitalization. Maintaining Christian school distinctive includes Christian world- view understanding, comprehensive institutional and educational integrity, perspectives, church- centered related education and maintaining spirit formation (Hauck, 2002, p xxii).

How to maintain Christian distinctive Christianity is based upon improvable arguments; therefore it is critical that assumptions are made evident to students. In the realm of Christian schools integration of the curriculum that provides balance for various student aspects. This will ensure that they are restored to their original position of the image and likeness of God. Education is an agent of God's restoration, and it should be used to restore fallen humanity to their original state. Therefore, education curriculum should be balanced to facilitate restoration. This will not focus only in the mental aspects but also in developing the whole person socially,
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