Christian Ethics Research Paper

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Because of the omnipresence of the Christian tradition in the Western world, many preconceptions exist about what Christian ethics entails. Some may be able to cite various lines that they attribute to scripture, such as “Love Thy Neighbor”, or various Ten Commandments. I will take some different pieces of scripture and attempt to explore not only what ethical answers they propose, but what ethical questions these passages are asking. Christian scriptures do not tell us what to do, but are fundamentally sound principles. I believe they require us to reflect upon what is important in life. The scriptures give insight into our ethical dilemmas and build an ethical view according to Christianity. The scriptures provide approaches to the question of value, for example, in its emphasis on the concept of justice. Justice is also approached in a manner…show more content…
Let them show it by their good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom”. The scripture is talking a about a person’s moral goodness. A person shows their wisdom by their actions, integrity, and behavior. The faith in God allows a person to display their moral character by how they act in society. An ethical decision made by a person shows their values for fairness, truth, respect, honesty, justice, and love. Ethics based on truth allow a person to be authentic to their beliefs and values. In these passages, the Christian ethical world-view forces the human being to look at the world another way. It accomplishes this by asking the human being to consider what he values in the world. In some passages, we see that a just life is the highest aspiration of an individual and places an obligation to achieve this life. Everyone makes ethical decisions daily. When decisions are being made, people need to think about how their actions will affect other people and seek the truth, wisdom, and goodness from God to make a decision based on
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