Christian Ethics : The Bible

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Ryan DeHooge
Mr. Ingram
Christian Ethics
6 May 2017
Christian Ethics Summary

By definition, ethics is the branch of philosophy dealing with what is morally right and wrong. As a Christian, ethics takes on a whole new meaning because it bases what is right or wrong on what the Bible teaches us. I have gained a lot of spiritual and Biblical knowledge this year in the study of Christian ethics. In class we discussed numerous teachings from the Bible in which Jesus shares God’s spiritual and moral goals for us as humans. We explored controversial topics in today’s society, such as the importance of marriage and the horrible facts about divorce and abortion. Through our discussions I learned that God wants us all to be happy and to value
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He preached the power of repentance to God and the need to love others, even those we consider to be our enemies, as the path towards endless life with God. Jesus’s ministry was set around spreading the word of God to all of Israel. It is generally thought to start with his baptism by John the Baptist, and ends with the Last Supper. Jesus performed many miracles along the way, including feeding the five thousand with only three loves of bread and two fish, walking on water, and curing people of serious diseases, just to name a few. Jesus also taught about how we should all come in peace, rather than with violence because Jesus believed that we should all love and respect everyone, even those who hate us or want to hurt us. Jesus led by example showing kindness to all he meet, and even associating with tax collectors. I think Jesus was the ultimate peacemaker, fighting for those who were treated unfairly. Jesus stressed the importance of the young, handicapped, and poor, often associating with children or people of little means. He also stressed the importance of spreading God’s word and enlisted the twelve disciples to help disperse God’s word to more people. The Good Samaritan was one of Jesus’s many parables that he used during his teachings about God. A expert in the Law came to Jesus and asked what he had to do to inherit eternal life. Jesus asked him what was written in the Law. He replied, to love God with all of your heart,
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