Christian Faith Jesus Is The Father Of God Or The Son Of Man

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Katrina Dudley-Proby HCA Signature Assignment BIB 314 Fresno Pacific University/ North Campus Introduction According to Christian faith Jesus is the son of God or the son of man. To me He is my savior meaning he is the one that was sent to die on the cross for me and all of creation. I believe Jesus was able to feel and go through a lot of the struggles that so many of us go through every day. Jesus is my healer, he was beaten and bruised and because of it I believe that he healed me. He was a perfect example of how we should live life, giving the good news that he was sent by God to heal everyone who was sick, to restore families and households. He gives hope to those that are poor, he preached that God wanted them to be wealthy and have an abundant life. He did not come to condemn me but to encourage me. However according the book of Matthew based on who Jesus is he is compassionate, healer and responds to our Faith. How would I React? If I was exiting the 99 highway and a women is standing at the end of the exit ramp, in old clothing with a somber look on her face. I noticed she has a small bottle of vodka and is smoking a cigarette. She holds a sign that reads “Homeless Widow. No family. No money Anything helps, God Bless. “What issues would Jesus raise concerning this situation? How would Jesus respond? Based on who Jesus is I believe that he would tell the homeless women to drop her cigarettes and alcohol, he would tell her that her
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