Christian Financial Manager 's Goal Within A Corporate Context

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Introduction As a Christian that is going into the field of accounting and finance, I find that is extremely important to know what my ethical values are. When things get difficult in the workplace, I need to be able to stand up for my beliefs and follow them even when it may cause me trouble. In the world of finance, the most important goal is maximizing wealth and profits at all costs. This paper will look at some of the ways a Christian financial manager can re-act to some of the things that the finance industry will throw at them.
What is the Christian financial manager’s goal within a corporate context? One of the first questions that needs to be addressed, is what the goal of a Christian financial manager is in a corporate setting? I believe that the goal of the Christian financial manager is to earn money for the company, while at the same time demonstrating an attitude of service to everyone they come in contact with (Chewning, 1990, p. 15). In the Bible, it tells us that we are supposed to treat other people the way that we would want to be treated, and that includes in the financial work place (Luke 6:31 English Standard Bible). As a Christian financial manager, the goal should be to treat everyone with respect. This is more important than making as much money as possible. However, it is not just about the financial manager, but it is also about the organization as a whole. A Christian financial manager should look at the workplace before they decide to work

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