Essay on Christian Freedom

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“A Christian is a perfectly free lord of all, subject to none. A Christian is a perfectly dutiful servant of all, subject to all.” This paradox is the basis of Luther’s concept on Christian freedom. For Luther, his reform freed Christians two fold. Christians were free from false assumptions about salvation and from the commandments of the Old Testament. To Luther, God alone could grant salvation. Despite this freedom, Christians still had to obey earthly laws. The differences of spiritual and temporal freedom seemed contradictory but for Luther it was clear that faith would free the Christian soul. Luther defined freedom for a Christian as freedom through faith. Salvation was granted by God alone. However their flesh was still bound …show more content…
If he performs works trying to earn salvation from God he is usurping God of what only God can grant. If he is under the false belief that his good work will save his inner soul then he continues to sin and his soul is bound by arrogance. Luther repeated often in Freedom of a Christian that only God could give salvation. “Which we do not perform but receive which we do not have but accept when God the Father grants it to us through Jesus Christ.” Salvation is not a task one can perform. It is not earned but received and the human soul, the inner person does not have the grace to be saved. It is by the mercy and compassion of God alone that salvation will be granted. Christ died for the sins of mankind and because of this God will grant salvation to some. Luther argues that Christians can only have faith in god for their salvation. Nothing they do will save or damn them. Next, an important part of Luther’s thoughts on the freedom of the inner person was having the soul know its wicked nature. This was the purpose of the law or the Old Testament. To show how a person should live under God. But, no one could live up the commandments of the law. “For the commandments show us what we ought to do but do not give us power to do it.” The Old Testament was meant to humble humans and have them despair at the nature of their soul. However, the New Testament promised salvation
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