Christian Hope And Christen Hope

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There is secular hope and christen hope, they both have a different meaning of hope. Christians sometimes feel a temptation to withdraw from the world out of fear, but then sometimes the go to the church for protection. Thus, the Christian hope is different because the stand side by side with the ones that are at a point if death and they have hope that they will see Heaven. The “poor church” needs to make contact with the world because Christ is the servant in the form of liberating with the world and that is what the church is. So, if the start bring more people to the church no matter who they are, they can seek to be more like God, by following him. There are “Rules for Serving with the Church” that help Christians understand how they ought to go about being inserted in the world and theses rules are to help guide us through the storm and whoever wishes to obey will live the church’s faith. Christian hope is different through various forms of hope because other people think differently, there is a need for a poor church meaning that the church should accept everybody and anybody who wishes to follow God, and “The Rules of Sensing with The Church” guides us christens to understand how we ought to go about being inserted in the world. Secular and Christian hope have a different meaning. Secular hope has been broken because people are being crushed by death. Most people understand hope as wishful thinking as in “I hope something will happen.” For example, when someone is…

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