Christian Hope And Christen Hope

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There is secular hope and christen hope, they both have a different meaning of hope. Christians sometimes feel a temptation to withdraw from the world out of fear, but then sometimes the go to the church for protection. Thus, the Christian hope is different because the stand side by side with the ones that are at a point if death and they have hope that they will see Heaven. The “poor church” needs to make contact with the world because Christ is the servant in the form of liberating with the world and that is what the church is. So, if the start bring more people to the church no matter who they are, they can seek to be more like God, by following him. There are “Rules for Serving with the Church” that help Christians understand how they…show more content…
Because what most of them don’t understand is that when that person dies they will see the glory of Heaven, which is a better place than earth. On the other hand Christians care for the dying, for life grown old and worn out, for the incurably sick, for the mentally ill, or for the handicapped. Because all of these types of people just mentioned are at the point of dying the Christians make them feel comfortable and let them know that it is ok dye because they will be in a better place with Christ our Lord. Secular hope has been truly broken; every moment it is concretely shattered at death. Beyond my death, there is no hope for me in the secular future. Is there any for others? But then again every other individual has each his own death in front of him. But how, if death is now no longer able to destroy hope because its stings has been withdrawn? The power of death, however, has already been fundamentally broken by death itself being included in the infinite consent and willingness of Jesus to obey in all things his Father’s loving will, when death itself became the most radicle expression of the loving purpose of the Father (Balthasar 59). Thus, Christian hope is different because of the infinite agreement and the willingness to obey Jesus and because hope is an important component of the life of the good. By contrast, those who do not
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