Christian Hypocrisy: An Inevitable Crisis

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On a universal level, it is safe to presume that every individual could be deemed as a fraud based on the general characterization of the expression. Moral values, ethics, even spiritual beliefs are often compromised or purposely overlooked in subtle situations, extraneous circumstances, unplanned mishaps, stressful positions. Yet, when does this insincerity develop into a serious problem; especially when one looks at the religious issues and conflicts which derive from these predicaments? Considering how America is frequently attached to the Christian religion, it is no revelation that there are Christian hypocrites that may dwell in the country. Because Christian hypocrisy on an individual basis has become such a widespread norm, it is…show more content…
In Genesis 34 there is the story of Dinah, the daughter of Jacob, who was defiled by an infatuated prince named Shechem. He raped Dinah and then asked for her brothers to give her to him as a wife. Instead of accepting what had happened, Dinah’s brothers responded by slaughtering every male in the Shechem’s city, plundering their household, and capturing the women and children (Holman Christian Standard Bible, Gen. 34.1-29). This outraged response ought to spark the realization that defiling a person against their will should not be practiced among believers. Sadly, in January 2010, one pastor at a Newcastle church openly admitted to raping six young boys between the ages of nine and twelve when he held “counseling sessions” for the children (Peters 1). These heinous crimes were repeated copiously and his abuse of power clearly destroyed young lives that could possibly be forever traumatized. Obviously when a preacher affiliates himself with corrupt offenses it earns a front-cover page, but some of these sinful deeds are still kept under wrap. This suggests duplicity could very well be found on all levels: from ordinary church-goers to prominent leaders in the church. This pervasive insincerity among individuals and the toleration coupled with it consequently leads to hypocrisy in the church as a whole. For example, one of Jesus’ major teachings was remaining humble by not worshiping
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