Essay about Christian Influence in Italian Culture

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Christian Influence in Italian Culture

Things are not always what they appear to be. When one talks about the influence of religion in a culture, the person must carefully define what they mean by "religion". Many times when things are done in the name of Christianity, there are other factors that shape those events. The Crusades could be considered an object of Christian influence, but most would agree that the bloodshed that took place does not complement the message of that religion. Regardless, despite the gray area that exists when one talks about the influence of a religion, an influence still exists. The evidence of Christianity's influence on a society can be seen almost anywhere. This influence can be seen in obvious
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His influence surpassed that of the political and spiritual leaders of his day. He holds a more prominent place in history than the pope of his time does.? He inspires people living centuries after his death. George Holmes writes, ?There are few cases in European history of individuals whose lives have been so generally accepted as an inspiration by the people of a whole country?.[1]? The fact that people still talk so much about Francis is a testimony to how remarkable the friar was.? He lived a radical life.? The Assisian abandoned all that he owned to live a life of unwavering poverty.? He lived a life of humility; quickly confessing his own sins and rejecting leadership in the order that he had founded.[2]? He loved and gave to everyone, even the most destitute of society.? He often worked with victims of leprosy while rebuilding churches.[3]? People were drawn to Francis because of these remarkable aspects of his character.? Francis was such an incredible figure that his example sparked a movement that would soon go international.?

One can discuss how remarkable the life of Francis of Assisi was, however that does not relate to how his works shaped life in Italy.? Earlier orders of the Catholic Church were mainly sealed off from society while members spent their time in monasteries.? Francis believed that the Order of the
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