Christian Leadership Paper. Our Healthcare System Is In

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Christian Leadership Paper Our healthcare system is in a state of constant change. Just as the industry was adapting to the demands of countless healthcare reforms, the fate of regulations like the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and others like it, dangle in the wind. As the country transitions to a newly appointed administration, there is an increasing level of uncertainty among industry leaders. Federal, state, and local mandates continue to drive the need to improve the quality, costs, and outcomes of care which add to an already overburdened and burnout system. These coupled with our highly secular society who is primarily focused on the treating and curing illness through advanced technology, medications, and procedures has resulted in a…show more content…
I work diligently to treat others with utmost respect regardless of whether I agree with their point of view. By taking the time to establish authentic relationships with individual staff members, I am better able to understand their unique perspectives, needs, and concerns. Additionally, because I tailor my leadership approach to fit individuals and situations I am able to ensure the best possible outcomes. As a participative leader I look to others for input before I make decisions that will impact the group as a whole and I strive to motivate and inspire others so that they can gain professional fulfillment through autonomous practice. Finally, I believe that when individuals feel empowered and valued they develop pride in their work and are more willing to make meaningful contributions toward team goals. Christian Worldview of Ethical and Legal Dilemmas Healthcare professionals have an ethical obligation to respect patient’s wishes. Consequently, many legal and ethical dilemmas arise in healthcare in response to clinical decisions related to the needs, beliefs, and preferences of patients and families. Other dilemmas result over concerns about the integrity, competence, or actions of other healthcare professionals. Preserving human dignity, relieving suffering, equality, integrity, and accountability are essential nursing values (Kangasniemi, Pakkanen, & Korhonen, 2015). Nurse leaders have an
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