Christian Liberal Arts Education Essay

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Adaobi Duru
My philosophy of Christian Liberal Arts Education
Broadly speaking, a liberal arts education is concerned with the pursuit of knowledge as an end in itself, rather than for the sake of acquiring skills targeted at a career. The liberal arts philosophy is traced to the Greek philosopher Socrates, who famously proclaimed that the “unexamined life is not worth living”. To that end, traditional liberal arts education emphasizes the scholarly, the gentlemanly and the liberating. However, contemporary liberal arts education is marked by the integration of liberal and practical education. Consequently, a Christian liberal arts education should provide knowledge and intellectual skills to help students become functional and capable of
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According to Littlejohn and Evans (2006), “The purpose of Christian education is always twofold, we want our students to grow spiritually, intellectually, and socially, and we want them to foster similar growth in society” (p. 18). This sums up the Christian liberal arts philosophy. Therefore, a Christian liberal education should be useful and practical. The goal of every Christian is to be like Christ and to serve others just like Christ did. While a traditional liberal arts scholar serves others out of duty to community, a Christian liberal arts scholar serves out of love for the Lord. So, the Christian liberal arts education should build the human person by fundamentally changing who they are and what they, preparing and equipping them for the good work.
Through integrative scholarship, a Christian liberal arts education provides a well rounded and holistic education. Such education equips Christians for a life of service to Jesus Christ and the society. It provides a broad understanding of the world, cultivated within the context of the Christian faith and best enables students develop into successful and effective men and
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