Christian Marriage and Family

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Christian Marriage & Family Counseling Diana Carpenter
Course: CC-540 August 29, 2008
Vision Int’l University “Liberty” Doctorate Program

Restoring the Moral Structure of the Family
By: Guillermo Maldonado


As I read this book, my heart was pounding stronger than normal. I believe everything it says. This book covers every area of marriage and family possible and it covers it thoroughly. It is amazing that within the pages of this book there are such profound truths and with that in mind, I believe every family should have a copy of this
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Men and women were created different to complement each other. From intuition to sexual fulfillment, from communication to temperament, men and women were created uniquely exceptional. Physically and emotionally, we are incomparable but by divine intervention, we are intentionally compatible. It is imperative to carefully discover these differences so married couples can become a strong union in the process of building a sanctuary in a godly home. Remember, this is a union that “no man can put asunder” in other words, “no man can divide or separate”, (see Matthew 19:6 & Mark 10:9).

Chapter 4: Responsibilities, Roles, and Functions of Men and Women A woman wants love, security and protection. The husbands’ greatest need is to receive respect from his family, but at the same time his greatest fear is to lose respect from his wife and children. The only other need the man has, after respect is to be admired by his wife and family. Along with the needs of the husband and wife are the responsibilities of both individuals. Because of the fact that the man holds the family together by being the head of the household, his responsibilities far surpass the woman’s role in spirituality, significance and leadership. The husband’s duty in the home and towards the wife is clearly defined in the Word of God. Any deviation from this is disobedience and will result in the lack of spiritual blessing for the entire household. “Husbands,
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