Christian Meditation

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hristian Meditation: Touching Spirits
By Jay Pasana
Sep 20, 2013
Christian Meditation is the highest state on prayer wherein the practitioner clears his / her mind of worldly thoughts and focuses on silence. This state enables the Holy Spirit to reach out and get in touch with the practitioner. Christians do this regularly sometimes reaching to six hours per day. This is mostly done when they need an answer and help in making a decisions. This is also done if the practitioner has a special request to God. This usually comes hand in hand when reading the Holy Scripture. In this type of meditation the practitioner usually focuses his or her thoughts on the word of God, on specific passages, or reflecting on these or some experiences that they had.

The main objective of Christian Meditation is
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Giving thanks is yet another purpose of the Christian Meditation. Christians have a lot to thank God for and every day, more reasons are added. They use Christian Meditation to let God know how grateful they are of all the blessings and guidance that they receive. The biggest reason for giving thanks to God is the fact that he sent His son to earth in order to save people from their sins.

There are three different characteristics that mark the difference of Christian Meditation from other kinds of Meditation.
* Bible-based. Christian Meditation is anchored on bible passages. The bible is God's form of communication with humans. The Holy Scripture is regarded as the way to knowing God. It is also a guide for Christians' way of living.
* God's Love. Christian Meditation is done to adore God, feel His love, and share His love. God's love is the center of this activity.
* Worship. Continuous revelation of God through the Holy Scripture and Christian Meditation makes Him more worthy to be praised. This activity then has another purpose which is to worship God.
Christian Meditation is unique. It is different from other types of meditation in a lot of
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