Christian Morality Has Become A Tale Of Shame

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According to Nietzsche genealogy of Christian morality has become a tale of shame – wherein the weak promote the propagation of a lie and foster a mistaken explanation for suffering. By overlooking the will to power that occurs naturally in all the people, Christianity cages, and dulls the will preventing it from expressing itself. This in turn creates problems by removing the individual’s ability to master their own life – turning them into puppets under the guidance of the government. From the Christian perspective, nihilistic views empower the people – giving them hope and a belief in internal strength. From Nietzsche’s view point Christianity and its by-product – democracy - in fact remove any sense of power or self from the realm of the weak. There is no room for advancement until death. Nietzsche points to alternative sources of suffering and punishment – noting a sadistic expression of will to power that in some ways is reminiscent of sociopathic tendencies. The best human life uses will to power as a motivator. The weak and the strong seek to fulfill their desires and the expression as such can be varied. It can be the source of punishment as expressed in the past and modernity. According to Nietzsche, man should murder and taunt to fulfill his needs. This all became restricted with the advent of modern society creating only a space for internal suffering and anger. In moments of public suffering, will to power is expressed – but is still primarily constrained by
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