Christian Penance Beliefs

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The theology of penance came into practice due to Christian having ongoing sinful acts. Once a Christian was baptized and committed a sinful act he/ she could undergo either a public or private penance. The public penance was practiced only once a year at Easter or Lent by the Bishop. Christian were afforded the opportunity to have private or secret penance more frequently by a priest is deemed necessary for ongoing sins. According to Lecture II, “this was a therapeutic and preventive act by which Christians could avoid the consequences of sin”. Penance was viewed as a practice or sacrament to deal with sin and disease. Sin shapes one’s desire and takes on its own shape and this was a way that the Christian could take on some balance. The bishop or priest according article, “read a passage to the Christian, explaining the Fall of man and the penance was to bestowal God’s grace. The Christian expressed their sorrow for the sin and the bishop or priest after going through the sacrament of the varies punishment like things that were expected of the person. It could be…show more content…
The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective”. In my view this is all that the penance really is, they just used a Bishop or a priest. I believe this does bring healing to the sin sick soul of man. Yes, it should be an ongoing practice for the Christian, that we confess daily our sins. I believe that the church should strongly encourage Christian to find someone that they trust to confess their sins to and help hold them in some type of accountability. But, we live in this dispensation of Grace the believer today, just wants to confess to God through Jesus Christ. Now, I don’t know about this once a year penance, I think that isn’t necessary. I don’t think that it matters what type of posture that one has to take on while confessing to one another. Just as long as it is
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