Christian Persecution

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Christian Persecution Christians are being persecuted for their faith in more than the forty nations around world today. In some nations, it is illegal to own a Bible, to share one’s faith in Christ, and even teach one’s children about Jesus Christ. Those who boldly follow Christ, in spite of government decree or opposition, can face harassment, arrest, torture and even death. Dr. Nhia Vang Vang, the pastor of the First Hmong Alliance Church in Longview, NC, mentioned that Christianity has been persecuted for over 2000 years up until now. However, more Christians have been arrested, harassed, and persecuted in this century than in the previous nineteen combined (Vang). Christian persecution is a world-wide problem, having an effect…show more content…
Pastor Bike (Pastor Zhang Mingxuan) is a missionary who travels across China on a bicycle to spread the news of Jesus Christ. He was arrested by the Chinese officials on August 6, 2008; just two days after the Olympics began. (“Olympic”). Mingxuan was tortured and interrogated in prison countless times. However, regardless of the harassment by the Chinese officials, Pastor Bike continued to win several lives for Jesus Christ. The numbers of Christian martyrs are increasing by the year, yet Christians continue to meet for worship and the church in restricted nations are still growing. People who are willing to sacrifice everything, including their lives, for the sake of spreading the gospel throughout the world are given the name Jesus Freaks. Many Christians are abused and harassed by officials or mobs who attempt to force Christians to renounce their faith. In Chiapas, Mexico, a Christian family was attacked by a mob; killing Pedro, his wife and his son. Six of the other children were left seriously wounded. (“Christian”). There are many more cases such as these occurring even now. The list of Christian persecution is endless; several people suffer much more due to their faith. These Jesus Freaks are continuously victimized and attacked, yet their love for Jesus Christ gives
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