Christian Philosophy Research Paper

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Life gets in the way and we tend to separate ourselves from God. We shut down because we think he isn’t with us, many times we doubt God and his plans he has for our lives. There are ten disciplines that we all go through in life if you a humanist or a Christian, we’ll contrast each discipline from humanist to determine the many worldviews there is. Christian philosophy is what determines your worldview because it is dependable with the bible. We question ourselves about what is real, what’s reality, or even what does philosophy even mean. Philosophy gives you a foundation on who God is, Dr. Young says, “Philosophy after all is a way of life, and the Christian believes that he has the true way—the true pattern for living.” Philosophy means…show more content…
Naturalist believe there no such thing as God or whatever doesn’t exist in nature. A naturalist named Corliss Lamont says: “To define naturalistic Humanism in a nutshell: it rejects all forms of supernaturalism, pantheism, and metaphysical idealism, and considers man’s supreme aim as working for the welfare and progress of all humanity in this one and only life, according to the methods of reason, science and…show more content…
We have three branches of government, which are Judicial, legislative, and executive all these branches play an important part in our government. God has placed these branches to help balance out and keep everything in order. If the government wasn’t orderly nothing would be able to happen such, as laws would be crazy people would be driving crazy or kids would drink really early. God has placed certain authorities to be in charge of the nations because he knows what he is doing. Secular politics to Lucile W. Green means, “All those who share the vision of the human community as part of one world should be willing to take any measures that will awaken world opinion to bring it about”(13) Meaning that liberalism is often played role. Secular politics believes we evolved from animals and can control our own evolutionary era. Government is one thing that keeps the world going around. Many humanist believe that the government will fail due to its systems, many humanist want the Pledge of Allegiance to remove the “under God” part because not many believe in
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