Christian Rap And The Music

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As I sat in my chair of the fancy hall (which name I cannot remember for the life of me) last spring when transferred to DBU for the spring SWAT I was tuning in to different conversations around the room. Everyone was having a good time, talking, laughing, and expressing concern about missing home. All was fine until one of the staff members put music on, but not just any genre they put on Christian Rap (gasp and pause for dramatic effect) I then heard the displeasure start arising from the group of homeschoolers as they began to say “why are they playing this filth?”, why are they allowing this, rap is so disgusting!” I sat and pondered, “This is definitely Christian Rap and not secular rap, why are they freaking out?” then it dawned on…show more content…
But if lost people hear the comments of the homeschoolers that I heard we will just be seen as stuck up and higher than the lost person. With that our ministry and witness will began to crumble. Christ met people where they were, so why should the Christians of today’s culture do the same for the lost souls? As someone who did not grow up in church and did not become a Christian until a few years ago was learning that secular music, while not honoring Christ at all can be used as a ministry. Knowing the love of Christ helped me to hear a deeper meaning in rap songs when I listened to them. Through that I began to see that in every rap song there was some type of brokenness to the artist as they rapped about going through multiple girls but not finding the right one, having all this money but never enough stuff, and looking for conformation from all the wrong people. People, especially Christians want to look down on the rap community because the lifestyle they live in but they cannot see that these very same people that are idolized by the world are just as broken as we are/were. Without an understanding of this music how can we show lost people that they can listen to the style that they are so found of while worshipping the God that made them? My youth minister helped me change the way I worship by not judging the rap I was listening to, but instead pointed me into a further direction of worship with God. I was getting set to drive us to a youth rally
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