Christian Religious Education : A Book Based Out

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Through reading Christian Religious Education I discovered many things, some of them are simple easy things while others have a bigger impact. First of all, I recommend not trying to read this book all in one sitting, it is too deep and intense to read that way. However, if you read the book based out, as recommended by Leslie Long then the book was fine. Yet, whichever way you read the book the same general message will get across. That message is one that education is important, in Christianity and all religions. This book talks all about the importance of Christian religious education and how to actually apply it to the ministry that you are working in. One of the most important things that it says about teaching is, “Our students are subjects, not objects.” This is important because most of the time people teach to groups of people as if they are one not as if they are all unique individuals. If you continue to teach as if they are objects then you would not get through to the majority of the students that you are trying to teach. Additionally, this book mentions several different developmental stages with a heavy focus on Fowler and Piaget. Fowler focuses on faith development while Piaget focuses on educational mentality. With these two focuses together if helps to bring Christian religious faith to a complete circle. By reading this book and gaining a better understanding of Christian education and what need to happen for the education to be successful I
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