Christian Science v Morman Essay

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With the advancements in the study of social sciences, there has been a somewhat parallel growth of cults which though have their foundations in the original Bible and the Christian teachings, yet one may observe that the majority of the present day cults not only deny the essential doctrines, they openly emphasize and present their own personal reinterpretations of the biblical scriptures. The following paper will present two such cases, those of Christian Science and the Mormons, and strive to present some of the comparative elements, their beliefs, customs, religious ceremonies and leadership aspects.
Christian Science - Leadership
Founded by a woman named Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910) in 1879, the cult of Christian Science
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Christian Science - The Customs
Some of the salient customs of the Christian Science include a daily prayer ritual which serves to bring realization of God, and God's Love as well as assist others in experiencing the harmonizing and healing effect of the primary understanding of the Christian Science. The cult also emphasizes on the spiritual healing effect and gives more than a mere emphasis as compared to the medical treatment of the ailing humanity. The cult has nor formal ministers, and instead the Bible, Science and Health are its pastor and preacher.
With its headquarters in Boston, duly called the First Church of the Christ, Scientist, or The Mother Church. It is assisted with a number of local churches, which serve as its branches. Run under a Manual of the Mother Church, the Christian Science has a Board of Directors, which governs the Church on a democratic system, and is duly assisted by its branches. (Slick, 2003; Kramer, 2004; Meyer, 1961)
The Mormon Cult - Leadership
Founded by Joseph Smith in 1830 in New York, the cult of the Mormons is yet another faith that derives its teachings from Biblical scriptures. Though most, if not all the elements of this cult are founded in the original Biblical texts, followers of the Christian belief due to some of the extreme contradictions and deceptions in both the books of the Mormons as well as its teachings largely oppose the faith. The cult has some 7 million members, out of 5 million are

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