Christian Service Experience Paper

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The place where I go do my Christian Service is called Saint Mary’s Church which is located on the lower east side. The agency serves the community not only through its prayer service as a Church but also by its works outside of mass. St. Mary’s church focuses on helping out the needy by donations of food and help support its community within and outside of its borders. Coming into the organization I did not know what to expect in terms of what type of people I would meet and what type of work I was doing. Once I found out that I would be doing and where my efforts would be focused on I became more energetic as to what my work would lead to. I along with three other Christian service helpers spent over half way through the 72 hours making candles…show more content…
As I worked during my service I noticed how much being there actually helped people like Fran who is a woman like no other which ran the service program and told us about the history of St. Mary’s and what it means to be part of the community whether if it is going to mass or helping by giving food to the church in order to help others who need it. By talking to Fran about what type of people the church identifies itself with and who they are seeking to help was very powerful to learn about and an educational experience. My presence by working with Fran opened my eyes to what needed to grow and develop within their community and how it can expand to other communities such as feeding those who cannot afford what others have and how gratitude is an essential part of being a well-rounded individual. I understood that what I was making was not the real focus but why I was making more than 100 candles to a community who showed devotion to its parish. The cans of food and packing them in to a basket in order to send it out was only a small portion of what mattered in terms of what is being done to help others. It was being able to think about what type of people we could be
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