Christian Smith 's Research And Assessment Essay

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In addition, Thomas Bergler describes the transition of millennials from the calm seas of childhood into adolescence and into tumultuous waters of adulthood has “receded into the distant…Developmental psychologists have identified a new life stage they call emerging adulthood.” Furthermore, Christian Smith contributes to the idea of emerging adulthood as, “…not making commitments, not putting down roots, not setting a definite course for the long term. It is about experimenting, exploring, experiencing, preparing, anticipating, having fun, and hopefully not screwing things up too badly in the meantime.” During this research both illiterate and literate millennial students indicated during the focus group interviews that albeit the church was less and less attractive, one of the main reason was the lack of discipleship and mentorship. From all the information gathered the top priority for millennials as defined in this research, is the need for an experienced adult to help them navigate the tumultuous seas they are navigating into. Although, I appreciate Christian Smith’s research and assessment, nonetheless, it is evident from the research conducted for this paper that not all millennials or emerging adults are exiting the church due to attempting to experiment in vast areas of their life. Lastly, as youth ministry in America has changed and adopted, Chap Clark provides insight as to its status as to youth ministry practitioners who continue to reinforce the messages of
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